Always in the best light.

Energy-saving, robust, durable, space-efficient and bright.

Six years of continuous
operation thanks to
high-quality brand LEDs

Energy-saving, robust, durable, space-efficient, bright: LEDs combine more advantages than all comparable artificial light sources and offer maximum performance in the smallest of spaces. Whether as accent or main lighting, LED technology is the modern form of lighting. It was only through its emergence that the ANAX luminaire became possible.

And because ANAX sees itself as a lighting solution that combines form and function, the use of top-quality brand LEDs is a matter of course. These achieve an average service life of 50,000 hours. This corresponds to almost six years of continuous operation. Even after the 50,000 hours have elapsed, the LEDs still emit 70 percent of their light output. The LED remains completely insensitive to a high number of switching cycles.

Due to their high energy efficiency, LEDs also make a contribution to environmental protection. Since the light is not a by-product compared to other light sources, only a fraction of the electricity is needed - and CO2 emissions are thus sustainably reduced.

Interesting facts about LED technology (pdf)