Anax CC

A light
just in case.

Anax CC offers light colours for
everyone. Occasion: from warm
white to cold white, dimmable
for every mood.

Anax CCPortrait

Light in its various forms is part of our daily routine, an expression of our activities. Lighting passively underlines our actions and actively communicates them to our environment. Anax CC (color change) is the luminaire with which you can specifically influence your living ambience. The LED pendant luminaire allows different lighting effects for the perfect environment and sets creative accents.

Anax CC can be adapted to the time of day and thus increases well-being or performance at work. It guarantees for every moment, for every situation and for every mood the individual light and the suitable atmosphere for all occasions.

Product Sheet Anax CC (pdf)

Anax CCSurfaces & Colours

Arctic Silver Satin

Arctic Silver Brilliance

Raven Grey Satin

Raven Grey Brilliance

Jungle Brown Satin

Jungle Brown Brilliance

Inka Gold Satin

Pearl Sand Brushed

Noble, robust and timeless

In addition to the beautiful appearance and the selected technology, Anax CC also impresses with its external values.

Here, light metal is brought into shape without falling out of shape. The resulting aluminum body made of extruded profiles is given an extremely dense and hard oxide layer. A procedure that protects the body from external influences and at the same time preserves the character of the aluminum.

Whether Anax CC shines in glossy brilliant optics or presents itself discreetly in a matt satin look, the surface and colour variations underline the timeless design of the luminaire: classic, elegant and stylish, Anax CC floats in arctic silver, raven grey, jungle brown and inka gold. Colours that are not subject to any fashion trends and emphasize the clear lines of the design and the high quality of the material in modern as well as classic surroundings.


Glass ball blasted and anodized surface


Highly polished and anodized surface


Highly polished, brushed and anodized surface

Anax CCSuspension

Completely detached

Float instead of hang, weightlessness instead of gravity: Anax CC stands for the lightness of appearances. Thanks to a cable specially developed for Liin, which combines power supply, suspension and pendant luminaire, the unique presence of Anax CC in the room is preserved in style.

With its reduced design, the suspension ensures that the spotlight always belongs to Anax CC, that the luminaire is the focus of attention. The ceiling end picks up on the surface, shines with an identical look and is thus the end and starting point of a harmonious overall concept.

Anax CC's technical trick is perfectly rounded off by extremely simple installation by snapping the base plate and cover into place and by dispensing with visible screws.

The standard cable length is 100 cm. Free service: If you have any questions about the correct length of the suspension or the optimum distance between luminaire and table, we will be happy to advise you. The desired length of the suspension can be adjusted free of charge by Liin. Please note the required length when ordering.

Anax CCTechnology

Innovative quality

Anax CC has an integrated touch dimmer for light colour and brightness adjustment. LEDs with 2700K and 5700K are used. The capacitive sensor is located in the middle of the underside of the pendant luminaire. With this the light colour and brightness can be adjusted. By briefly touching the sensor, the light colour can be set between 2700K and 5700K warmer or colder. The brightness adjustment starts when the sensor is touched for a longer period of time. By releasing the button, the brightness remains adjusted. The dimming takes place between 10 and 100 percent of the brightness. With the brightest and darkest settings, the dimming stops for three seconds to make it easier to adjust the minimum and maximum brightness. When the light is switched off, the settings are automatically saved.

Technical specifications and part numbers


Anax  CC










1.020 mm 

1.350 mm

1.680 mm

arctic silver – satin

975 006 01

977 006 01

978 006 01

arctic silver – brilliance

975 006 11

977 006 11

978 006 11

inka gold – satin

975 006 04

977 006 04

978 006 04

jungle brown – satin

975 006 02

977 006 02

978 006 02

jungle brown – brilliance

975 006 12

977 006 12

978 006 12

raven grey – satin

975 006 03

977 006 03

978 006 03

raven grey – brilliance

975 006 13

977 006 13

978 006 13

pearl sand – brushed

975 006 25

977 006 25

978 006 25










37 W

49 W

60 W


220 – 240 V AC · 50 / 60 Hz

Colour temperature

2.700 K – 5.700 K

Colour rendering index

Ra > 92

Luminous flux

2.500 lm

3.300 lm

4.100 lm


Light distribution of Anax CC
Illuminance (lux) at a distance of 65 cm from the surface

Anax CC 1020 mmAnax CC 1350 mm Anax CC 1680 mm