light spectrum

A line of luminaires creates a unique variety of light and colours.


Motionless and yet attentive at all times. So, Mantis, the praying mantis, stays in her place. Her slender yet powerful body is ideally adapted to her habitat, her graceful and agile head offers her the perfect focus. The Mantis luminaire is also a sublime sight in any environment, bringing ambience and architecture into focus with its variety of light and colours.

A line of luminaires, a line of lightness. Floating in a trellis, Mantis provides light for every occasion, every mood, every room. With clarity in design and innovation in technology, Mantis becomes the highlight of an overall picture, creating harmony between lighting and ambience and staging special moments.

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United in diversity: The different light colours and moods as well as the freely selectable ambient light can be controlled via any pendulum with a sensor.

MantisSurfaces & Colours

Arctic Silver Brilliance

Pearl Sand Brushed

Selected materials and high-quality workmanship

Timeless design only works if quality defies time. The Mantis luminaire, moulded from extruded aluminum, not only impresses with its design and technology, but also with its workmanship and materials.

The anodizing process gives the shiny polished surface an oxidic protective layer, which impresses with its uncompromising robustness. Mantis thus achieves lasting corrosion resistance, excellent colour stability and excellent scratch resistance. In addition, the anodized aluminum body shines through its low sensitivity to fingerprints.

The round milled glass elements are polished on the side walls and matted on their upper and lower sides. Thus, the lighting moods from cold to warm white and the variable light colours are optimally accentuated. Selected materials and high-quality workmanship turn Mantis into a luminaire that lives up to its design promise in every detail.


Perfectly tuned

The individual elements are suspended and controlled via a special cable newly developed by Liin.

The Mantis' technical trick is rounded off by a very simple installation by snapping the base plate and cover together, and by dispensing with visible screws.

The standard cable length is 100 cm. Free service: If you have any questions about the correct length of the suspension or the optimum distance between luminaire and table, we will be happy to advise you. The desired length of the suspension can be adjusted free of charge by Liin. Please note the required length when ordering.


Demanding and intuitive

State-of-the-art technology presents outstanding design in the best light. High-quality LEDs guarantee perfect lighting quality and a convincing service life. Thanks to the latest microcontrollers and specially developed multi-master electronics, Mantis is a luminaire in the tradition of the Liin philosophy - the inseparable unity of quality and aesthetics.

An innovative lighting control system using touch sensors provides the perfect setting for every occasion: each pendulum can act as a central control (master) for all existing luminaires and determine the lighting and colouring. The sensors at the lower end of the luminaire operate the light, which enters the room glare-free and focused via the lower glass lenses. In this way, brightness and mood (from cold white to warm white) can be varied.

The upper sensors determine the light colour in which the room shines. The light colour can be selected and stored from a neutral white tone adapted to the lower light to atmospheric colour variants. In this way, Mantis combines intuitive ease of use with sophisticated technology.

Technical specifications and part numbers


Mantis 2 Pendant

Mantis 3 Pendant







arctic silver – brilliance

885 006 11

888 006 11

pearl sand – brushed

885 006 25

888 006 25








42 W

60 W


220 – 240 V AC · 50 / 60 Hz

220 – 240 V AC · 50 / 60 Hz

Colour temperature

2.700 K – 5.700 K

2.700 K – 5.700 K

Colour rendering index

Ra > 92

Ra > 92

Luminous flux 

1.800 lm

2.700 lm

Light distribution of Mantis
Illuminance (lux) at a distance of 65 cm from the surface

Mantis: zwei PendelMantis: drei Pendel