Diversity is
brought to light

Versatile in light, versatile in design, versatile in use.


Versatile in light, versatile in design, versatile in use. With one or two flames, Inachis becomes a stage for a detailed view. Different colours and materials set specific accents with which the luminaire becomes a unifying highlight in every room, subtle yet full of radiance. The restrained design provides the perfect lighting for offices, exhibition rooms and public buildings.

A luminaire sets accents: The material and colour of the front panels can reflect architectural details and perfect the room.

InachisSurfaces & Colours

Raven Grey Satin

Arctic Silver Satin 

Diversity in squares

The 1-fold LED ceiling light Inachis has an edge length of 160 mm, the 2-fold version measures 320 mm x 160 mm.

The Inachis housing is made of anodized aluminum and has a sanitized surface.  The housing is available in the colours Raven Grey and Arctic Silver.

For individual series, the front panels can be equipped according to customer requirements.


Without visible fastening elements

The luminaire is attached to the base plate by means of adjustable spring-loaded thrust pieces. This means that there are no screws or nuts in the visible area.

A very simple installation by latching the housing with the design surface onto the base plate attached to the ceiling. The perfect technology is rounded off by the constant absence of visible screws.


Perfection down to the last detail

In the single-flame version, Inachis has an LED with 13 watts. The two-flame version has two LEDs of 15 watts each. In proven Liin quality, only LEDs with a CRI of 95 are used. The warm white light from Inachis has a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin and creates a pleasant room atmosphere.

The luminaire body is optimally designed for cooling the illuminants.

Technical specifications and part numbers


Inachis single

Inachis double









Colour & Surface

Colour of glass insert


arctic silver – satin


761 007 0110

762 007 0110

raven grey – satin


761 007 0320

762 007 0320










COB Cree

2 × COB Cree

Power consumption (max.)

15 W

30 W


220 – 240 V AC · 50 / 60 Hz

Colour temperature

3.000 K

3.000 K

Colour rendering index

Ra > 92

Luminous flux (total)

max. 1.000 lm

max. 2.000 lm

Light distribution of Inachis
Relative luminance (lv)

Inachis - 1 FachInachis - 2 Fach